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Sunningdale park, near Chesterfield


Move to a Leisure and Park Home and you'll find more than a comfortable new home. You'll find room for living, a relaxed life in green surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. A Leisure and Park Home gives you real room for living.

The parks are landscaped with lawns and flowers and trees providing a peaceful, green setting. Each home is detached with your own private garden. No problems about where to store the lawn mower; each home has garden storage.

Leisure and Park Home have been developing park home living since the mid 1970s. Wherever you live, you will have the countryside on your doorstep and amenities like shops and buses close at hand. You will like the way a Leisure and Park Home is so easy to run, with very little maintenance and lower costs. Not only comfortable, but comfortably affordable.

There's such a choice of homes of every size, new and previously owned. Take your pick from all the leading makes. And, of course, when you buy a new park home from us, the price includes everything from furniture, carpets and curtains, right down to the garden storage shed or garage. We can help arrange finance and insurance too.

westwood home

Leisure and Park Home have residential parks in the East Midlands giving you a real choice of places to live. All of our parks are within easy reach of nearby big towns and visitor attractions.

In fact, whether you are retired or planning for it, there's the right park for you. Every one, no matter how green and tranquil its setting, is carefully sited, with nearby bus services and shops and the amenities of a town within easy reach. Some parks have their own shop and even a Social Club. Often there are regular deliveries of fresh food and groceries to your doorstep. But the great joy of a Leisure and Park Home residential park is that it is really a friendly little village. Ask residents and you are sure to be told how nice it is to live in a place with such a thriving and caring community spirit. Of course, you'll have all the privacy you want, too. After all you will have a detached home to retire into.

With our website we aim to give you an introduction to our parks and enough information to enable you to take your next step in choosing your new park home.

The website cannot replace a visit to your chosen park or parks.

At our parks, you can take a gentle walk around, perhaps meet some of your future neighbours, look at the facilities  and see the choices that best suit your needs.

It is, of course, always best to call in advance of visits for an appointment before travelling long distances.

See the contact details or use the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Enjoy more choice with Leisure and park Homes.

Choose from a number of parks in the Midlands area with different facilities and entry levels. Customer service is our priority!


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